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NFL Situation Spotlight #51 – Teams Coming Off a Clutch Win
NFL Situation Spotlight #51 – Teams Coming Off a Clutch Win

It should not shock even the most amateur of supportive of football bettors that the result of a group's last game can significantly affect how they toll versus the number in their next challenge. One specific space of interest in such manner concerns groups falling off a Clutch Win.

A 'Grip' win-by my definition-is the point at which a group counts the last score of a game, in either the fourth quarter or additional time, moving them from a tied or losing position, into a triumphant one.

Groups falling off this purported 'gut-check' win are marginally more terrible than-normal versus the spread in the next week (400-418 ATS since '94) which in itself, is definitely not a beneficial circumstance while betting at 10/11 chances.

The Clutch Win circumstance possibly becomes fascinating when we add a subsequent Primary condition that indicates that the current rival of the group being referred to has a more terrible than-normal Starting Field Position Average Against (SFPA). The group normal for SFPA is for the most part around 30 and for this situation, we are keen on groups that have at any rate a 31 normal or higher.

SFPA fundamentally reveals to us where a group's protection ordinarily begins on the field. Crews with a high SFPA ordinarily have a higher-than-normal number of capture attempts conflicting with them in their own portion of the field and furthermore rank close to the lower part of the class as far as how well they guard on start off and punt returns.

Groups with a high SFPA are likewise bound to be close to the lower part of the class in the ATS Wins office, at the same time, dissimilar to groups that vacillate against the number because of an insufficient offense or guard, groups that have been harmed by INT's and since a long time ago run-backs on restricting returns are significantly more prone to bob back in future games and give the canny bettor extensive line-esteem.

Consolidating this line-esteem with a group in position for a potential let-down (because of the Clutch win factor) gives us an impressive negative circumstance that is 52-110 (32.1%) ATS since 1994 and 3-8 ATS so far in 2007!

Balancing the present circumstance are 2 Secondary conditions which remove adversaries with a powerless surge guard (confirmed by a high first Quarter Rush % against) and disposes of games in the post-season or Week 17.

With regards to situational crippling, เว็บคาสิโนเปิดใหม่ it's in every case best to work with patterns that have as couple of conditions as could be expected and this one is viable with just 4. Here are altogether the subtleties:

(Notes: ASMR represents Average Spread Margin Rating. A positive rating shows a pattern that is more grounded than normal versus the line, negative- - more fragile than normal. TDIS% is the level of groups in the association that have been engaged with the present circumstance at some time. WT% is the level of groups that are .500 or better and SPR is the normal spread for groups in the present circumstance. For additional subtleties, kindly counsel Page 13 of my 2007 NFL Game Sheets Guide.)

Situational Trend #51 Summary (Last Updated: Jan fifteenth, 2008)

Essential Conditions (Building Blocks)

1) Last Game Clutch Win (CW).

2) Opponent Starting Field Position Average Against (SFPA) > 31.

Auxiliary Conditions (Tighteners)

1) Opponent first Quarter Rush% Against (Q1R%A) Situation Stats

ASMR: +0.5

Home%: 44.8

Dog%: 51.2

TDIS%: 100.0

WT%: 71.2

SPR: - 0.43

Top Teams: CHI(7); CLE(7); DAL(7); NYG(6)

Circumstance Record

By and large (Since '01): 27-92 ATS

2007 Season: 9-14 ATS

2006 Season: 2-9 ATS

2005 Season: 5-12 ATS

2004 Season: 2-7 ATS

Last 3 Results. Pick in Brackets.

2007 WK16- - WAS 32 MIN 21 (WAS +6.5) W

2007 WK16- - IND 38 HOU 15 (HOU +7) L

2007 WK15- - PHI 10 DAL 6 (PHI +10) W..

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