Go For That Dream Today!  

Go For That Dream Today!

I got an SMS from one of my protegees as I woke up and a line caught my attention and this line is inspiring this article. Let me quote it verbertim so that you can understand where I am coming from: “… we are grateful we are not where we used to be”.

This brought along a lot of pondering and it made me remember what my mentor, Jim Rohn, said, “The reason for dreaming BIG is not because of what you get, but who you become”. Those who dream and go for it never remain the same. That is a truth I found    buku mimpi    out over the years of following my dreams.

The benchmark I used in measuring my progress in this journey is where I was by this time last year. When I look back and discover where I was last year is nothing compared to where I am this year, I am always proud of myself. If you don’t go for that dream you have been nursing for a while, there is no how you can move forward in life.

People who remain the same year in, year out, are those that never do anything with their dreams. When you can’t see any form of progress in your life, it is time to question how you are living and the exact thing you are doing with your life. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and pick up that dream. Stop complaining about things you can not change and start doing something with what you have, you never can tell where that dream will take you to tomorrow.

Using myself as an example, my first year in following my dream was a disaster but things got better the next year and better the next and better until this very moment that greater things are happening. In the next couple of months, something GREATER than all I have achieved will be happening and that is how it is for all dreamers.


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