How to Apply Women’s Fragrances and Perfumes

How to Apply Women’s Fragrances and Perfumes

There is a right and a wrong way to apply perfume, and women usually wear perfume when they want to be embraced, as perfume is most definitely a weapon of seduction. By applying perfume to strategic points such as the inside of the wrist, behind the ears and in the nape of the neck will make all the different, and you will most    sentosa team building    definitely get a reaction from men. To give yourself a light aura you can spray a little on your clothing. Perfume should be subtle, whereby you can just smell it, as too much perfume can make one feel nauseous as well as others around you. There is nothing worse than walking into a room or getting into a lift, where you become overwhelmed and sickened by someone’s perfume.

All you need is a few sprays, which will keep you smelling beautiful the whole day, however, cheap perfume does not last as long as the genuine article, which means you, may have to spray these types of womens fragrances and perfumes a lot more frequently. Perfumes are not tolerant of temperature change, heat or light, and need to be kept in a dry cool place in order to maintain the fragrance. Once a perfume is opened the fragrance can become altered, and if well maintained the perfume will last for around five years. Perfume bottles that have not been opened will last for many years. Depending on the perfume, the color may change after a couple of years. When choosing a perfume, make sure it matches your personality by testing it properly. Choose either an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette, apply the perfume properly and maintain the perfume correctly. By following these simple steps your perfume will become a true signature and will last for years. Also remember that heat releases the perfumes fragrance, so if you live in a hot climate do not use an excess of perfume at a time and only apply it to the given points. One should only be able to smell your perfume in passing.


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