“The Best Man Holiday” Surprises at the Box Office     

“The Best Man Holiday” Surprises at the Box Office  

When “Thor: Dark World” premiered, few people thought that any film had a chance of stopping its dominance at the box office except for maybe “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Hollywood insiders hardly looked at the other films opening in theaters, which was clearly a mistake. “The Best Man Holiday” became a huge hit    ข่าวมวย

when it landed in theaters. The film made more than $30 million at the box office, which was less than $8 million below what “Thor: Dark World” made that same weekend. Though some were surprised at its box office returns, they weren’t so surprised after seeing the film.

“The Best Man Holiday” is a sequel to the film “The Best Man,” which made much less at the box office than its follow-up when it originally played in theaters. The first film told the story of a group of friends who came together at a wedding. Harper (Taye Diggs, “Rent”) wrote a new book based on his life, but he worried about what his friends would say when they discovered he slept with the groom Lance’s (Morris Chestnut, “Boyz n the Hood”) bride. He also found himself tempted by his ex-girlfriend Jordan (Nia Long, “Big Momma’s House”) and concerned about remaining faithful to his girlfriend Robin (“Sanaa Lathan, “Blade”).

This film picks up fifteen years after the end of the last film, and all of the same actors came back to their original roles. Viewers concerned that they won’t remember the previous film shouldn’t worry because this one starts out with a few moments from the initial film. This lets viewers catch up and focus on the sequel. Harper married his girlfriend Robin, but he didn’t find the happiness that he craved. Jordan is now a major player in the entertainment world but never found time for a relationship. The film also brings back Lance. Though he married his cheating girlfriend, he finds himself punishing her for her dalliance with multiple affairs of his own.

In the hopes of remembering why they became friends, Lance decides to invite his old college buddies to his home for a holiday weekend. Lance’s wife, Mia, instantly passes out a list of planned events for the weekend, and it becomes clear that she tries too hard to present them as the perfect happy family. As each of the old friends arrives at the couple’s home, they learn that some friendships don’t always last forever, and they find themselves tested on everything from their thoughts and feelings to the relationships that they share with others.

Christmas films are a dime a dozen, but many of those films focus on the happier moments in life. Few films show the struggles that people actually face during the holidays, which is why “The Best Man Holiday” is such a refreshing addition to the genre. The actors do a great job of playing men and women who seem more like real people and less like characters. Viewers can identify with each person in the film, and many people will walk away feeling like they need to reevaluate their own lives.

Harper served as the lead character in the previous film, and he is still the main focus of this one. Though he was once a famous up-and-coming writer with luck on his side, he is now a man who can hardly write a word. Though he loves his wife, he worries about how he can be a successful father when he wasn’t a successful writer. His agent tasks him with writing the memoirs of Lance, who recently announced his retirement from the NFL, but the two men have rarely talked in recent years, and Lance still looks down on him for his indiscretion with his now-wife. Diggs is so good in his portrayal of a man trapped between multiple worlds and desires that some viewers will forget he’s a happily married husband and father in real life.


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