Police Training College  

Police Training College  

We owe a lot to the police force; our streets and communities are much safer under their guidance and we can now be safe in the knowledge that there is a highly professional team of police officers doing their very best to improve our quality of life. However,   폴리스   without a police training college, all of this would not be possible. Even though police officers are very professional and responsible people, they still need to equip themselves with many a skill and knowledge in order to make them effective officers of the law.

The police selection process is very strict indeed. There are many reasons why a potential candidate can be rejected. Even after an initial pre selection, many officers will fail the tests required by the police force.

After a successful selection process, an applicant is not yet ready to be handed a baton and pepper spray. Before becoming a police officer, it is necessary that each successful applicant completes a training course at a police training college. These are placed around the country, the most famous of which being the Hendon Police College.

Courses are not residential and are of 25 weeks in length. This is the newer course which is longer than the old one, which lasted just 17 weeks. There are many different parts of any police training course and these equip police officers with the skills and knowledge that they will need out on the beat.

A police training college is not just a block of classrooms. You will find a huge variety of modern teaching equipment as well as laboratories and mocked court rooms in which police officers can fine tune their skills. These are all necessary as the job of a modern police officer is becoming more and more diverse.

Police training colleges are incredibly up to date and in line with what the job calls for. The very first of its kind was of course Hendon Police College. This was the first police training college to incorporate a huge variety of new features such as a section for forensic investigation. This is paving the way for police officers to employ more advanced tactics in the fight against crime.

Police recruits are paid for the time they spend in training and then they will have a two year probation period upon completion. This is to ensure they have fully taken on board everything and they will be monitored during this time. A police training college will equip officers with what they need to know but there is only one way they can put this all into practice.


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