Best Shoes For Kids

Best Shoes For Kids



Doctors and other health professionals have anointed minimal shoes as the best kids grip socks for children’s feet development and growth. The number of companies and shoes being designed in support of this theory has grown phenomenally in just the past few years. Here are some of the most popular shoe brands that subscribe to the new minimal theory.

#1 – Vivo Barefoot Shoes

Vivo Barefoot Shoes is a unique shoe brand that operates on the philosophy that cushioning and padding in shoes is actually unnatural for your feet and may increase the risk of injury. There byline is “No heel, no midsole, no arch support, no gimmicks!” Vivo Barefoot calls its technology “Pure Barefoot Technology.” They believe that your body already has all the built-in mechanics that you need and they give come compelling evidence on their website. Their shoes strive to not interfere with your body’s natural mechanics.

Kids, who spend more time than adults in bare feet, love Vivo because they provide protection while being as close to bare feet as possible.

#2 – Merrel BareForm

Merrel BareForms also subscribe to the minimal mechanics and have a very thin sole with a lightly padded layer. They give kids a close to barefoot experience with protection from the occasional stone. This is a very popular shoe with kids because of its natural, barefoot feeling and its easy-to-wear strap-on design.

#3 – Soft Star

Soft Star concentrates on shoes that feature free movement, soft soles, and natural, breathable materials. Soft Star believes that barefoot is best to promote healthy feet and development. They believe healthy shoes for kids are roomy. The younger the child the roomier the shoes. Young children’s feet are developing and should be allowed to develop in as close to a barefoot environment as possible. Soft Star also provides the unique service of allowing you to design your own Soft Stars by choosing colors and motifs for an additional fee.

#4 – Skidders

Safety is at the core of the Skidders line of gripper shoes and grip socks. Skidders has grown from the original Skidders shoe that features a soft flexible rubber sole and great traction indoors and out. They’ve only been around since 2008 but, they now have 18 collections and over 550 styles of shoes. They design comfortable socks and shoes that are versatile, stylish, and safe. Skidders shoes are machine washable making them a big hit with parents. Skidders are easy for kids to put on by themselves which makes them very popular with kids.

#5 – Robeez

Robeez believes that footwear should mimic bare feet by being flexible, supporting growing feet, promoting good balance, and protecting. Kids shoes need to stay on and Robeez has designed elasticized ankles to make sure the fit is always comfortable. They only use the highest quality leather and other materials in their shoes. Robeez designs promote comfort and durability by using soft cushioning and gripping soles. No matter what phase your child is in, Robeez will support crawling, cruising, walking, or running both indoors and out. Robeez is a very popular shoe with kids and parents alike.



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