The Advantages of Google Certification

The Advantages of Google Certification


It isn’t merely the badge, but it is the connections; it is a development mindset; it is the assurance that it gave me to push myself farther. I would like to share with all the advantages I Have experienced as a Google Certified Educator Level 1, Grade 2, Google Accredited Trainer, and Google Accredited Innovator. I shared my ideas about how certification will help encourage remote learning through the aftermath of COVID-19 within this post and podcast incident. My Experience and Perspective on Google Certification. To begin with, allow me to share with you my expertise and outlook on the advantages I’ve experienced in Google Certification. The next wouldn’t have occurred if I had not chased Google Certification: More info

Once I decided to pursue getting a Google Accredited Trainer, I understood I had to stand out and reveal that I had been contributing to the educational community. The site was created the exact same year that I became a Google Accredited Trainer and Innovator (2014).

The Google Teacher Podcast

Actually, I wouldn’t even understand Matt Miller. We started collaborating and exchanging ideas during our very first meeting in the Google Certified Teachers Academy in Austin at 2014. This is the seed to the tribe! I’ve had the honour of talking to thousands of teachers. The expertise and confidence I gained as a Google Accredited Trainer and Innovator helped get me . And it’s the worldwide connections I created as a connected instructor that assisted others find me.

I never believed I’d write a novel, let alone be requested to write one. As I started to talk, talk about my passions, and assist teachers, I started to think not only can I take action, but it might have an effect.

I could go on, but that I say these things not to brag, but to highlight the effect which Google Certification has had in my trip. Yes, a number of those things might have occurred with no certification. It was not a requirement or necessity, but I know I’d not have had the assurance or links to make these things happen in my.

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