An E-Liquid Flavor Wheel

An E-Liquid Flavor Wheel: A Shared Vocabulary Based on Systematically Reviewing E-Liquid Flavor Classifications in Literature




E-fluids are accessible in a high assortment of flavors. An orderly arrangement of e-fluid flavors is important to expand likeness of eliquid exploration results. In the food, liquor, and aroma industry, flavors are ordered utilizing flavor wheels. We methodicallly looked into writing on flavors identified with electronic cigarette use, to explore how e-fluid flavors have been arranged in research, and propose an e-fluid flavor wheel to group e-fluids dependent on advertising portrayals.




The pursuit was led in May 2017 utilizing PubMed and Embase databases. Catchphrases included terms related with electronic cigarette, flavors, enjoying, learning, and needing in articles. Results were autonomously screened and looked into. Flavor classes utilized in the articles surveyed were removed.




Searches yielded 386 one of a kind articles of which 28 were incorporated. Forty-three principle flavor classes were accounted for in these articles (eg, tobacco, menthol, mint, natural product, bread kitchen/dessert, liquor, nuts, zest, treats, espresso/tea, refreshments, chocolate, sweet flavors, vanilla, and unflavored). Flavor groupings of e-fluids in writing indicated similitudes and contrasts across examines. Our proposed e-fluid flavor wheel contains 13 principle classes and 90 subcategories, which sum up flavor classifications from writing to locate a common jargon. For arrangement of e-fluids utilizing our flavor wheel, advertising depictions ought to be utilized.




We have proposed a flavor wheel for characterization of e-fluids. Further exploration is expected to test the flavor wheels’ experimental worth. Reliably characterizing e-fluid flavors utilizing our flavor wheel in research (eg, trial, advertising, or subjective investigations) limits understanding contrasts and builds similarity of results.




We audited e-fluid flavors and flavor classifications utilized in research. An enormous variety in the naming of flavor classifications was found and e-fluid flavors were not reliably ordered. We built up an e-fluid flavor haggle a rule for deliberate arrangement of e-fluids dependent on showcasing depictions. Our flavor wheel sums up e-fluid flavors and classes utilized in writing so as to make a common jargon. Applying our flavor wheel in research on e-fluids will improve information understanding, increment equivalence across studies, and bolster strategy creators in creating rules for guideline of e-fluid flavors.

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